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Explore Captain Angelo Taormina's fishing report page to gain valuable insights into recent trips with Jewel Charters LLC. With Captain Angelo's expertise and firsthand accounts, you'll get a detailed overview of the day's catches, weather conditions, and fishing techniques. Stay informed about the latest trends in Keyport NJ fishing and New Jersey striped bass fishing as Captain Angelo shares his observations and tips. Whether you're planning your own fishing excursion or simply interested in the local fishing scene, Captain Angelo's reports provide valuable information. Join the community of anglers who rely on Captain Angelo's insights to plan successful fishing trips in Keyport, NJ, and beyond. Don't miss out on the opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest fishing news and reports—visit Captain Angelo Taormina's fishing report page today!

We got these questions a lot. Does New Jersey have good fishing? Is it legal to fish in New Jersey? How many fish can you keep in NJ? New Jersey offers excellent fishing opportunities year-round, with a variety of species available. Jewel Charters LLC in Keyport, NJ, provides guided fishing trips to take advantage of these abundant waters, offering memorable experiences for anglers. Fishing in New Jersey is legal with a valid license, which Captain Angelo provides for guests of Jewel Charters LLC. Fishing regulations in New Jersey vary by species and location, and Jewel Charters LLC adheres to all regulations for sustainable practices. Contact Jewel Charters LLC for specific information on fishing regulations and limits in New Jersey.

Jewel Charters LLC offers a variety of thrilling fishing trips to suit every angler's preference. Join us for a Summer Flounder excursion, a 7-hour adventure priced at $850.00, or experience the excitement of Striped Bass fishing with our trolling, snag, and drop trip also for $850.00. For those seeking Mudhole Bluefish, our 7-hour trip is priced at $950.00. Explore wrecks up to 15 nautical miles out on our Wreck Fishing trip, an 8-hour journey for $950.00. For the ultimate challenge, try our Shark Fishing trip targeting thresher, brown, and mako sharks for $1600.00. Venture out for Bluefin Tuna on a 12-hour trip for $1600.00, or go for Yellowfin Tuna on a 14-hour expedition for $1800.00. Book your fishing adventure with Jewel Charters LLC today and reel in memories that will last a lifetime!

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